政府关系 at 肖尼 State University serves campus to liaison between the institution and local, 状态, 联邦政府.

通过预定的事件, 拓展项目, 和通信, 政府关系 advocates for and advances the university policy agenda, connects students and faculty to agencies and elected leaders, and showcases university achievements to public stakeholders.

Engagement activities occur regularly on campus, 在俄亥俄州阿巴拉契亚地区, 在哥伦布, 在华盛顿, DC. 肖尼 State actively seeks to develop and strengthen partnerships that benefit the University, 朴茨茅斯市, 阿巴拉契亚地区, 以及俄亥俄州.

肖尼 State University students participating in the “SSU Bears on the Square” program visit the Vern Riffe State Office Tower 在哥伦布’s Capitol Square to visit the Ohio Governor, 众议院议长, and Chancellor of the Department of Higher Education.