You should seek to resolve a grievance concerning a grade or academic practice by speaking first with the instructor or professor and then, if necessary, 和系主任在一起, 然后学院院长, 然后是教务长, in that order.

If you are unable to resolve the problem to your satisfaction and you wish to make an official complaint, make a written statement about your problem and the steps you have already taken to try to resolve it. Include any documentation, email, or letters that help to explain your problem.

An official complaint against a member of the University's faculty bargaining unit, 肖尼教育协会(SEA), is handled under the complaint procedure in the current negotiated labor agreement between the SEA and the University.


对某门课程的最终成绩提出申诉, complete and submit the Grade Appeal Form along with all required documents to the Academic Dean of the college that houses the course in which your grade is being appealed. You must appeal your grade to your instructor and the Department Chair before submitting your appeal to an academic dean.

Please read the 成绩上诉政策(PDF) 了解更多信息. 我们鼓励您联系 学生监察员 在你的上诉过程中.