The 黑板上 platform is the official online learning management system supported by 肖尼 State University for online and hybrid courses. 黑板上 provides an online central location for instructors to communicate with students regarding course information, 作业, 成绩, 等.

在黑板上, students can electronically submit 作业, 完成测试和测验, interact with other students through discussion boards, 检查教师输入的成绩, and view course documents such as files for 作业 or the course syllabus.   

What Technology Do I Need to 访问黑板?

You will need to make sure that you have the proper technology for accessing 黑板上. You will need access to a computer or other device with broadband internet.

What Browser Should I Use to 访问黑板?

We recommend using either Firefox or Chrome to access 黑板上. Other browsers will cause errors with uploading files, submitting 作业, 等.


要访问和登录黑板上,请按照 黑板指令的SSO.

*Note: If you have an active web page where you are logged into your email you MUST first log off the email account before attempting to sign into 黑板上. If you do not want to log off the email you do have the option to open a ‘New incognito window‘(Chrome) or ‘New InPrivate Window (Edge)


This 黑板上 playlist provides training and assistance with course management and troubleshooting for instructors: 教师视频教程


This 黑板上 playlist will help you get started in a series of short videos on many topics about 黑板上.  This would be a great way to get oriented to your course(s) before classes begin. If you click play all, the videos will begin and run through the whole series: 学生视频教程

什么是黑板上 Ally?

黑板上 Ally is a 黑板上 tool that works within your courses to provide accessible course content in a format that works best for you. Accessible files include readable text for screen readers, 附有说明文字的图片, 以及易于浏览的内容. This video will explain how to use Ally in your courses: 黑板同盟教程


In addition to 黑板上, SSU instructors may also use a 黑板上 Tool called Collaborate. Collaborate is an online web conferencing tool and can be accessed from within your courses or through a link provided by your instructor.  This video link will give you an overview of how to participate in a live meeting: 协作教程


黑板上在App Store中提供免费应用程序. The App is best used as a tool for staying organized. It is a good way to stay aware of class announcements from your instructor, 跟踪截止日期, 等. This video will introduce you to using the 黑板上 app: 黑板应用教程


If you have a question about your course content you should speak directly to your instructor.

For other troubleshooting support use the following contact methods:

SSU ITS黑板支持M-F 9 am-5 pm:

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