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学科领域: 美国和数字历史



安德鲁·李·费特博士.D.他是乔治亚州桑迪斯普林斯人. He graduated from Furman University in Greenville, 南卡罗来纳, and completed his graduate studies in history at the University of Kentucky, 接受Ph值.D. in 2001. He is a former associate editor of the 朴茨茅斯自由出版社 and winner of the Kentucky Historical Society's Richard H. Collins Award for his writing on the history of the antislavery movement in the Ohio Valley. 目前,博士. Feight serves as the developer and editor of 赛欧托Historical, a free smartphone app and website for touring the history of Ohio's Scioto Valley.


Ph.D., Early American 历史, 2001, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

MA, American 历史, 1995, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

BA, 历史, 1993, Furman University, Greenville, 南卡罗来纳


HIST 2330 -美国历史1

HIST 2340 -美国历史II

HIST 3300 -早期美国的基督教

历史学家3301 -革命的美国


HIST 3330 -数字历史


IDST 2226 -文明和文学2


赛欧托历史, a free smartphone app and website for touring the history of Ohio's Scioto Valley.

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“土地投机, 无法无天, and the Establishment of Seats of Government in Ohio’s Scioto Country, 1787-1807,” From Borderland to Backcountry: Frontier Communities in Comparative Perspective, University of Dundee, Scotland (July 2009).

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