数学科学, Integrated Mathematics Teacher Licensure



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  • 译解密码者
  • 数学家
  • 经济学家
  • 理财规划师
  • 统计学家
  • 运筹学分析师
  • 系统工程师
  • 库存控制专员
  • 预算分析
  • 保险的保险人
  • 程序员分析师
  • 采购代理
  • 市场研究
  • 成本估计
  • 欺诈调查员
  • 能源分析师
  • 高中数学老师
  • 数据分析师
  • 软件测试人员

For more information about teaching mathematics please visit 全国数学教师委员会


  • Approachable and passionate faculty who are dedicated to the students.
  • 早期现场经验, 方法现场经验, and finally student teaching scaffolds preparation for high school teaching.
  • Exposure to undergraduate research through a required senior project under the supervision of a faculty mentor. 
  • Close work with their peers in math lab help form a community for the teaching and learning of mathematics along with the opportunity for part-time income and work experience. 
  • Teaches the quantitative skills and broad mathematical background that allow for the same wide array of career paths available to a general math majors.
  • Most upper level courses within this concentration have small enrollments that enable more individualized teaching.
  • 学生 activities through both an active 数学俱乐部 and a chapter Pi Mu Epsilon, 全国数学荣誉学会.
  • Many graduates of this program return and enter our Masters of Sciences in 数学科学 to earn additional credentialing to teach dual credit college courses in their high schools.


  • 学生 will be able to formulate and solve problems in the mathematical sciences.
  • 学生将交流高等数学. 
  • 学生将能够证明数学命题.


“我喜欢所有教授都能提供帮助. The series of math courses that I had to take for my degree was spot on for the Ohio 评估 for Educators Mathematics test I had to take. 我对考试的内容准备得很充分. I also feel that working in the math lab prepared me for teaching math to my students.”

“My experience in the Math AYA program at SSU was a very positive one. I found the staff very helpful and pleasant to interact with. 我学到了很多, and always found help when I needed it whether through the math lab or via professors during their office hours. I found the instruction to be very high quality and would recommend the SSU math program to other students aspiring a career in mathematics.”

“The mathematics adolescent and young adult licensure degree program prepared me to be a highly effective mathematics teacher. The mathematics curriculum provided me with the rigorous background to have a deep understanding of the content, and the education classes helped me refine the skills needed to effectively disseminate mathematics knowledge to my future students.”


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