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Each date above will offer day and evening workshops, with the daytime being 12:00–2:00 pm and the evening 4:00–6:00 pm. 不需要回复. 

Your resume is a marketing tool created to market you. 这可能是你与雇主的第一次接触, 是否申请实习, 合作社, 或者工作机会. 寻找领导机会的简历, 研究生院, 奖学金, 奖学金申请, 可能还会有更多的要求.

Employers often review resumes and cover letters in 10 seconds or less. 这意味着你的简历必须写得很好, 简洁的, 高度有组织的, 而且易于阅读,有效. 在制作简历时, customize it for the reader; organize your accomplishments and interests to their needs. Tailoring your resume to a specific employer is a crucial component for success.

There is not one correct way to organize a resume. Design and content depend on your unique education, experiences, and skills. 因此, having different versions of your resume depending on the job type/industry you would like to target is a good idea. In this workshop, you will learn more and build your resume with SSU Career Services. In addition, learn about our new platform, Hiration, which utilizes AI to enhance your resume!

业务 & 制造业招聘会

商务图形 & 制造业招聘会


肖尼 State University Career Services invites you to register for our Fall 2023 业务 & 制造业招聘会 on 2023年10月17日,星期二, from 11 am to 1 pm. Employers will be recruiting the following majors: 业务 管理, 会计, 信息安全, 信息系统管理, 市场营销, 威廉希尔体育管理, 数学科学 (including our Actuarial Science concentration), 英语 & 人文学科, 和沟通, 还有Fine, 数码及表演艺术, 工程技术专业(塑料), 电脑, 机电, 环境, 数字仿真/游戏, & CADD), and 自然科学 (化学, 生物学, & 地质).


graphic for Ettiquette Dinner with photo of Host Cathi Fallon

5:30-7:00 pm 

由就业服务中心为您带来, this one-of-a-kind dining extravaganza is not just another dinner – it's an investment in your professional future. Facilitated by the esteemed 礼仪 Institute of Ohio and with culinary delights served by the creative chefs of Aladdin Catering, we invite you to a night that promises to be both delicious and enlightening.

Are you worried about fumbling with forks during crucial business talks? Have you ever wondered which spoon is the soup spoon? 别再担心了! Our comprehensive dining seminar is designed to sprinkle self-confidence over social and business meal scenarios like a delicate seasoning.


  • 导航餐巾纸: Learn the swanky swivels and folds of the napkin dance!
  • 民间传说和勺艺: Master the mystical arts of cutlery – no wand required.
  • 闲聊: Make small talk as tasty as the entrée without talking with your mouth full.

渴望知识(和食物)! So, 穿上你最好的礼服, 抓住你对成功的渴望, and let us guide you through the art and etiquette of business dining. Remember, it's not just about the meal; it's about mastering the meal that seals the deal!

在这个美食研讨会上预订你的位置, and we promise you'll never look at business meals the same way again.