An extensive financial aid program is available to help a student and family meet the expenses of a college education. 大学教育是你能做的最重要的投资之一. You and your family will be expected to contribute as much as you can from your own resources to help meet college expenses.

的 purpose of financial aid is to help students and families meet educational expenses that cannot be met through their own resources. 经济援助可以是基于需求的,也可以是非基于需求的. 的 results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) along with the cost-of-education will determine whether or not a student has financial need.

有几种类型的经济援助. 奖助金 and scholarships are considered "gift aid" because they generally do not have to be repaid. 贷款 and employment are considered "self-help aid" because loans have to be repaid and by working you earn money for educational expenses. 贷款 are by far the largest source of financial aid for the majority of students and families. 大多数资助, 部分贷款(资助资助), 和联邦工作研究是基于需求的经济援助项目. 的 Unsubsidized 工作人员ord and the Parent Loan for Undergraduate 学生 (PLUS) are considered non-need-based. 奖学金可以基于成绩,经济需要,或两者兼而有之.

财政援助主要有四个来源. 的se include the federal 政府ernment, the 状态 政府ernment, the institution and private entities. 联邦政府是最大的财政援助来源.



Each year, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

FAFSA是所有联邦政府的申请, 状态, 以及威廉希尔体育的机构财政援助. 你应该在网上提交FAFSA或更新FAFSA 这是最快和最有效的方式来提交FAFSA. FAFSA在网络上提供了大量的编辑检查,这将有助于防止错误.



You and your parent (if you are a dependent student) should each use a FSA ID to sign the FAFSA electronically. 如果您或您的父母还没有FSA ID,请在网上申请

请注意: 肖尼 State University’s school code is 009942, which will be needed on your FAFSA.



的 federal 政府ernment will process your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and electronically send the results to the 金融援助 Office at 肖尼 State University provided you listed us as one of the schools to receive the results of your FAFSA. 你也会收到学生资助报告(SAR)的通知。.

When you file your FAFSA online and provide a valid e-mail address, you will receive your SAR online. 如果您没有提供有效的电子邮件地址, 您将收到一封SAR信息确认邮件. 如有需要,可致电1- 800-4-fedex(1-800-433-3243)索取纸质SAR.

你应该仔细检查你的SAR. 它将包含您在FAFSA上报告的信息. 如果你需要更正你的FAFSA信息, you may do this online or by sending the SAR to 肖尼 State University with the corrections indicated.

的 data you put on your FAFSA is put through a needs analysis formula called the Federal Methodology. 这个公式的输出被称为期望家庭贡献(EFC)。. 你的EFC越低,你的财务需求就越大. 最低可能的EFC是零. 在极端情况下,EFC可能高达99,999.



你期望的家庭贡献.e., the results of your FAFSA, subtracted from your Cost-of-Attendance equals your financial need.


How much financial need you demonstrate will determine the programs for which you qualify. 即使你没有经济上的需要, you will still qualify for the Unsubsidized 工作人员ord Loan and Parent Loan for Undergraduate 学生 (PLUS). Your parent must be willing to apply for the PLUS loan and have a satisfactory credit history. 不幸的是, there is no guarantee that your aid will cover your full financial need or the full cost of attendance.

为了符合大多数联邦财政援助计划的资格, 你必须符合以下资格要求:

  • 除了一些贷款项目,你有经济需求吗.
  • 有高中文凭或普通教育发展证书吗, 通过美国认可的测试.S. 教育部, or meet other standards established by your 状态 and approved by the U.S. 教育部. (学生 who have been home schooled should 联系财政援助办公室 for guidance.)
  • be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a regular student working towards a degree in an eligible program.
  • 是美国人.S. 公民或符合条件的非公民.
  • 你有有效的社会安全号码吗.
  • 取得令人满意的学业进步.
  • sign a 状态ment of education purpose and a certification 状态ment indicating that you are not in default on a student loan nor owe an overpayment on a grant. 这两份声明都可以在FAFSA上找到.



Although the process of determining a student's eligibility for financial aid is basically the same for all students, 如果学生有特殊情况,有时可以做出调整. 特殊情况可能包括由于失业而导致的收入减少, 退休, disability or death of a wage earner; divorce or separation; loss of social security benefits, 孩子的抚养费, 等. 经济援助办公室有一份特殊条件申请, which should be used when the special circumstances involve a loss of income or change of circumstance. 的 特殊条件及应用 可以在网上或在财政援助办公室获得.

在极端情况下, a student who does not meet the federal definition of an independent student for financial aid purposes may be able to document those exceptional circumstances in order to be considered an independent student. A student who wants to appeal his or her dependency status for financial aid purposes should file the 申请独立 for the appropriate school year. A student who does not meet the federal definition of an independent student normally must file as a dependent student and include parental information on the FAFSA. Only students with exceptional circumstances should file the 申请独立. 不幸的是, 父母不愿意帮助支付大学学费, 没有在父母的报税表中申报免税, 或者独自生活并不能使你在经济援助方面独立. 的 申请独立 可以在网上或在财政援助办公室获得.

If you think you have special circumstances that you want to discuss with a financial aid administrator, 请随意 联系财政援助办公室.



Once we receive the results of your FAFSA and if you are admitted to 肖尼 State University, 我们会给你发一份获奖通知.

We also continue to update award notices throughout the school year if your aid package is revised. If you have questions about an award notice you receive, you should 联系财政援助办公室.

如果你决定不参加威廉希尔体育,请让我们知道. You also should inform the 注册商's Office to cancel your classes if you have preregistered and the 住房 Office, 如果适用的话.



根据联邦法律, a student can not receive aid that exceeds the student's financial need nor can the student receive aid that exceeds the student's cost of attendance. 如果存在超额奖励,则必须减少学生的资助.